Shooting the Moon is a truly collaborative project!

Created & Written by: Danielle Lapointe

Directed & Produced by:  Jeremy Sandor and Danielle Lapointe

Edited by: Jeremy Sandor

 Co-Produced by: Guillaume Collin, Marion Duhaime-Morissette, Dejan Pavlovic at  Arpent Films

Cinematography by: Isabelle Stachtchenko

Editor (Pilot) : Alexandra Knowles

Original Music by: Marie-Claude Codsi

Animation by: Sophie Martin

Art Direction: Mariel Scammell

Art Direction (Pilot) : Alexandra Bégin

Assistant Art Direction: Amelia Moses

Casting by: Danielle LapointeJeremy Sandor, Guillaume Collin, Dejan Pavlovic

Production Manager: Guillaume Collin

1st Assistant Director: Michael Massicotte

Gaffer/Grip: Cindy Pétrin

Sound Design: Andrew Beaudoin, Simon Bellemare, Thibaut Quinchon

Sound Recording: Andrew Beaudoin, Laurent Bédard, Guillaume Royer, Alexandra Knowles

Sound editing: Andrew Beaudoin, Simon Bellemare, Thibaut Quinchon, François-Xavier Bilodeau

A.D.R Recording/ Editing: Andrew Beaudoin

Sound Mix by: Simon Bellemare, Thibaut Quinchon

Key Makeup Artist: Bronwyn Skidd

Set Photographer: Tom Llewellin

Bollywood Choreography by: Alida Esmail


 Cast  (in order of appearance)

Danielle- Danielle Lapointe

Kaylee- Stephanie Janusauskas

Harley- Jeff Ho

Isaac- Harley Chamandy

Benny- Wayne-Anthony Busby

Jimbo- John Burton Churchill

Rebecca/ Roommate- Nastassia Markiewicz

Evan/ Boyfriend- Douglas Robertson

Old man on bench: Jean Archambault

Interview Candidates: Dejan Pavlovic, Sophie Grenier

Vladimir : Philippe Michelena

Emilie: Isabelle Giroux

Lucy-Anna: Luciana Marcos

Justine : Kimberly Laferriere

Tara :  Michelle Langlois-Fequet

Paul : Daniel Rindress-Kay

Claudia : Jillian Cameron

Gaffer: Lauren Walsh-Greene

Harry/ Assistant Director : Philippe Bovet

Producer- Gino Ricardo Arcaro

Makeup Artist: Sehar Bhojani

Production Assistant : Elisabeth Yale

Script Supervisor: Claudia Tiseo

Art Director: Jeremy Segal

Grip: Pierre Houle

Sunflower Neptune : Chimwemwe Miller

Mom: Kathleen McAuliffe

Dad: Paul Don

Nana: Geraldine Doucet

Young Danielle: Gabriel Fontana

Lindsey: Brenna D’Ambrosio

Darla: Angel Depestre

Dan: Mitchell Stafiej

Mean Customer: Leigh Ann Taylor

Liam : Brian Wright


Contributing Musicians

Original music composed by Marie-Claude Codsi




Kosta T  

Lauren Lynn

Enrico Altavilla

Cagey House

Joseph Gabereau

Galaxius Mons

Project 5am

Tamara Sandor


Jared C. Balogh